Churches & Organizations

Guest Speaking

"Reverend Debbie helped me to find the confidence within myself to pursue my dreams. Her presence in my life has had a lasting effect that has enabled me to be more loving, grateful and giving. She speaks straight from her heart and soul encouraging others to do the same."

Kelly Recktenwald
Portland, OR



"Debbie exudes an effervescence. Her warm and playful spirit lights up a room."

Rev. Patricia Bass
Senior Minister, Unity Church of Overland Park, KS

Workshop Presenter

"Attending Rev. Debbie's workshops always bring me great insights. She lovingly challenges me to understand myself while giving me new language. Recently, my husband agreed to accompany me to the Monkey Chatter workshop, as it was my birthday request for him to attend. He actually enjoyed it, and it gave us so much to talk about in a brand new way. I feel it has brought us closer!"

Candace R.
Overland Park, KS



"The workshop was almost over and I didn't want it to end. I laughed, cried, shared and experienced a lot. Usually I sit in the back skeptically–not this time! Thank you for helping me feel involved Debbie! Can't believe I sat in the front row after the break. I look forward to future ones that you do."

Larry J.
Salem, OR



"My eight-year-old grandson had not been able to face his mother and father's divorce (1 year before). He refused to show any emotion but was having trouble in school. I saw this workshop advertised so I took a chance. The children's stress management class gave Kyle a wonderful outlet where he learned many strategies for coping. Now he plays with other children and seems himself again. Words can't express our gratitude!"

Monica V.
Grandview, MO

Minister Support

"Reverend Debbie Taylor's life experience enables her to assist others, especially in moments of transition. She empowers people to recognize their gifts and supports them as they learn to use their inner power and strength. Debbie helped me feel total support in projects I was not sure I was capable of carrying off otherwise. She is a skilled and intuitive listener!"




"Debbie has repeatedly shown her outstanding qualities for ministry, as well as exhibiting her highly professional aptitude as a minister! She has been a delight to observe as she has grown a congregation in volume, service, giving, and spiritual consciousness. Whatever Debbie puts her mind, heart and hand to she does with prayerful intention, ease and joy."

Gardiner R.
Southport Island, ME



"Having known Debbie over 20 years as a business partner and a spiritual mentor, I can tell you how dedicated she is to building relationships that really matter. She strives to add deeper meaning and depth to life. Debbie takes time to create new ideas, and ways to do things that bring vision and possibility into seemingly hopeless situations."

Barbara H.
Kansas City, MO



"Having served regularly with Rev. Taylor on a panel that determines whether ministerial students are qualified to be licensed and ordained, I am greatly impressed with her intuitive gifts and analytical abilities, as well as her spiritual discernment. Her queries are as thoughtful as they are insightful. The love and compassion she extends towards others is supportive, direct and palpable.

"She has a remarkable ability to sense truth beyond the spoken word, and to bring light where shadows loom."

Rev. Kurt Condra
Evanston, IL

Board Retreats

"As a relatively new board member, I was unsure what to expect of the board retreat. I was a bit skeptical, I will admit, but came with an open heart. It helped to bond our board, and develop a stronger sense of trust, as well as making a more cohesive group where goals and concerns can be aired.

"Rev. Debbie is a great facilitator, with great organizational skills and discernment. She has a keen ear and understood the issues of our organization. She helped steer us in the right direction regarding several major issues. It gave us a much clearer vision of what we want for OU, and what we are not quite ready to tackle. It was evident Rev. Debbie spent many hours preparing for our retreat, and put much of her heart into it! The value of her work cannot be measured monetarily. For what this retreat and Rev. Debbie brought to me, I am grateful."

Edie R.
Board Secretary, Oceans Unity, Newport, OR
One-day retreat, August 2012



"Our work with Rev. Debbie helped us to gain clarity in understanding our roles and priorities as a Board. We have shifted our group dynamic to Trust."

L. Taylor
Board Treasurer, Unity of Beaverton, OR
Two-day retreat, 2008, 2009



"As a board member at her church, I attended several board retreats with Rev. Debbie Taylor. She conducted our last board retreat as both Senior Minister and Retreat Leader. Debbie was effective in leading the retreat. With a number of new members, she helped the Board find a sense of cohesiveness. We worked together to resolve a number of significant issues. The Board came out of the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and focus on the issues of importance to our church."

Rev. Donna Little
Senior Minister, Oceans Unity, Newport, OR
One-day retreat, August 2012



"Rev. Debbie Taylor facilitated  two board retreats, while serving as our Sr. Minister. She introduced appreciative inquiry, spiritual enneagrams, active listening and conflict management techniques to support us. We were encouraged to compassionately speak our minds; apply spiritual principles, as well as 'release' what no longer served us. Rev. Debbie celebrates Spirit in herself and others to reveal fresh ideas, frank dialogue, and sheer possibility. Her retreats involved trust-building exercises that brought us together with laughter, tears and closeness that I can still rely on today. Our board responded favorably each year, as we became a stronger leadership team!"

Billie Miller
Board Chairperson, Unity of Beaverton, OR
Two-day retreat, 2008, 2009