"When we asked Debbie to marry us, Todd and I knew everything was going to be perfect the day of the wedding! She came all the way to Iowa to perform our nuptials. And with no time to rehearse beforehand, everything was still perfect!

"Debbie is the most beautiful down to earth woman I know. She brightens a room when she enters. With all her experience, she was so supportive through the entire ceremonial-creating process. We are honored to have her in our lives!"

Megan and Todd



"Tears fill my eyes and my hearts swells with gratitude for the gift you gave our daughter and new son-in-law at their wedding! So many of our photos capture your genuine caring and love along with the emotion of the moment. Thank you, Debbie, for all your preparation, your amazing grace, presence and spirit-filled words."

Kathryn M.
Mother of the bride



"Rev. Debbie, We have received endless compliments about you and how much they enjoyed your service! People were coming up to us saying they had never cried at a wedding until ours (happy tears). Your extra efforts to personalize the ceremony meant a lot and our kids felt included. Although I hate standing up in front of crowds, I felt perfectly comfortable with you guiding us all the way. Thank you so much for being such a fun minister!"

Chad and Deb



"We don't know how to thank you enough for all you did for us! We weren’t sure it would work to have a presiding minister and priest, so it exceeded our expectations! You did such a wonderful job creating our ceremony, vows and prayers! We feel blessed to have you introduced into our lives, as you brought David and I closer with our premarital sessions and your encouragement--for that we will be eternally grateful! You will always hold a special place in our hearts for making our day perfect!"

Brandi and David



"Deb Taylor was wonderful for our wedding! She is such a good person inside and out. Alan and I were very lucky to have her travel from Oregon to Alabama to participate in our big day. She helped Alan and I to stay calm and helped us know that everything was going to go just the way we had planned. She was great in every aspect of our wedding from guiding us in writing our own vows to participating in a little dancing during our reception. Alan and I could not have chosen a better person to marry us. We will be forever grateful and we have no regrets! Deb will not disappoint!"

Brittany and Alan

Renewal of Vows

"Reverend Debbie made my mom and dad's vow renewal ceremony truly the happiest and most special day for our family! She was so much more than the officiant. She became an integral part of our family. Debbie did the work--investing in many hours to get to really know my parents' history, and what made theirs an epic love story. She managed to convey that love to all of us blessed by the ceremony. Debbie is funny, touching, a bright light and conduit of pure love and acceptance. I am so grateful to her for that special day and how happy she made my parents!"

Heather C.
Portland, OR


"Love, Passion, Energy, Light, Truth…it is all intuitive. It is within her. I have had the honor of knowing Debbie since 2003. Immediately, I knew she had many God-given gifts. I can always count on her for wisdom and discernment.

"When our twins were born they were premature, but our daughter was particularly small. We were very concerned. Debbie felt her strength long before we did, and encouraged us to nurture it. When it was time, Rev. Debbie baptized them in an intimate setting and memorable ceremony. We will never forget it!"

Jaron A.


"Rev. Debbie made each of our parents' memorial services unique and touching by incorporating the true essence of our beloved family member's life in a way that celebrated all that was good and deep. It was not a "typical" somber memorial, but rather a perfect blending of respect, honor, humor and heartfelt remembrances. After each service, many people commented on the beauty of that service, and how they had never experienced anything quite as moving as that before. We are so thankful that Rev. Debbie was able to provide these ceremonies in a way that made us all feel lovingly supported through very difficult times."

Mary S.
Portland, OR



"When my father passed away from a long illness, Rev. Debbie helped us honor him in a way that meant so much to our family. All that the illness stole away from him, Debbie helped us restore to him in a ceremony of his life. It was the perfect tribute to Dad and such a comfort to all of us who loved him. Debbie really researched--taking time to tell our stories mixing holiness and humor. Her loving pastoral counsel helped me to cope and fully embrace my grief, as well as gratitude for the time I had with him. I don't know if I could have gotten through that hard time without her. I am so grateful I did not have to."

Heather C.
Beaverton, OR