Private Sessions

"I remember a time when I was downhearted because all avenues seemed blocked to me; Debbie could see possibilities I couldn't and gave me hope."

Barbara H.
Kansas City, MO



"I once contacted Debbie seeking sympathy—she refused to just put on a Band-Aid. Instead, she offered me an invitation to gently look within myself more deeply--enabling me to truly heal, from the inside out."

Rev. Karen E.
Orange County, CA



"I give Rev. Debbie Taylor the highest recommendation for any kind of counseling you may desire. I have witnessed her in so many challenging situations where people (myself included) have come to her for guidance, and come away with greater peace of mind and very practical advice. She has the ability to hear what you are saying, but also hears clearly what is not being said. That is a rare talent.

"Personally, when I was having a relationship crisis, Debbie was the voice of reason and clarity that helped me come through that most challenging time. She helped remind me of the Truth of who I was, when I could not see it for myself. That is a great gift and I will forever be grateful for her wisdom her insight and her loving presence through it all."

Rev. Bill E.
Novato, CA

Spiritual Mentoring

"Having Rev. Debbie as my spiritual mentor for 15 mos. has taken me to depths in my spiritual life I didn’t know existed. With gentle encouragement, occasional prodding, but mostly gracious compassion, she walked beside me on a journey to a deeper level of spiritual understanding of friends and family, and how to better serve my community. I am forever grateful."

Liah R.
Portland, OR



"Debbie approaches Spiritual Mentoring with true compassion and empathetic insight. She utilizes an array of metaphysical and personal development techniques. She has helped me observe and explore my unique spiritual nature and further inquiries of esoteric subjects. She allows me to explore and develop on my spiritual path, rather than be governed by religious dogma or psycho-social expectations. My work with Debbie has helped me balance the explorer of a multi-dimensional universe."

Shelley A.
Portland, OR

End-of-Life Advocate

"I can strongly recommend Debbie Taylor as a highly skilled, trained, loving practitioner who facilitates transformation. She has an uncanny ability to know the precise opening needed for significant growth. By listening with both her heart and mind, she is able to facilitate phenomenal movement for change. She gently, yet assuredly, guides the terminal client toward resolution(s) in a number of ways. Debbie actively listens to her client’s concerns lending helpful insights. She asks excellent questions to encourage introspection, while respecting boundaries. If indicated, she does hands-on healing which incorporates her vast experience utilizing energy medicine. Debbie is a precious gift in the healing arts community."

Dr. Marcella Box
Portland, OR



"As an ER nurse, I have had the opportunity to interact with Debbie as she worked with patients of all ages, as well as confronted by a variety of unique family situations, she has a consistent and incredible calmness that only happens when someone is anointed with God’s maternal compassion."

Sister Melissa F., RN
Kansas City, MO

Energy Practitioner

"Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid carcinoma and told I had 90 days to live ... I told my family, "I don't think I can do this anymore." Debbie told me I could. That's when she taught me 'how to use' the color Blue ... Nine years later, I am cancer-free."

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Bob Legler
Retired Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Overland Park, Ks



"I have known Debbie over 25 years. She has provided a safe space for spiritual support for so many people in that time, always making time to listen deeply and well. She has amazing skills for dealing with the toughest issues life can throw at us, and has grown dimensionally through her own life experiences.

"I have known Debbie as an inspirational teacher, chaplain, and colleague. I know the depth of her open heart. I can highly recommend her services as a supportive advocate for young and old, alike."

Robin G.
Founder of The Light Center
Baldwin, KS



"In 2005, my son fell 4 floors from his first apartment. I was called to the hospital in the middle of the night, only to arrive at the scene of every parent’s worst nightmare ... One of my first calls was to Debbie. She stepped up to the plate without faltering and became the liaison beyond the ICU..."

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Rev. Gardiner Rapelye, Jr.
Kansas City, MO



"Some years ago, I was in a great deal of pain and stress due to a chronic health challenge and Debbie offered her services in general uplifting treatment. I was so nurtured, relieved and improved at the end of our session, it is hard to believe I was the same woman coming out of her office that I had been going in.

"The results of that session started me on a path to improved health that remains in force to this day (many years later). Debbie's natural nurturing countenance and loving nature make her the ideal person to assist in helping others."

Rev. Dr. Gail Key-Benson
Beaverton, OR