Why Blue Acorn?

Do you realize that the tiniest acorn is already coded with everything it needs to grow into its own brilliance?

Achieving this brilliance requires sustenance ... light and darkness, patience and faith. Just like an exquisite acorn, people possess everything they need inside themselves to deepen, develop, and thrive. Often we can find ourselves ‘in the dark’ when faced with challenges, change, new beginnings, and potentiality. With adequate support and new tools for engaging life, we gain wisdom, confidence and strength—revealing our unique, inner light. Blue Acorn was founded in order to reinforce our potential, while helping us remember the majesty of what’s already inside...

Twenty five years ago, I read about a study introducing the effects of visualization and willingness, while using the color blue.

It made sense to me that by directing my focus, a 'relaxation response’ would elicit beneficial effects. Such concentration could bring about positive results for pain and anxiety relief, create physiological responses, shortened hospital stays and much more.

Skeptical yet fascinated, I began to conduct my own tests with people of all ages as I worked in multiple medical settings. I explained to patients about the benefits of, amongst other things, ‘Thinking Blue’, giving them an opportunity to use their mind, body and spirit. Dramatic responses were observed with patients confronted by acute or chronic conditions. For example:

  • a young man suffering gunshots to his upper torso, but unable to receive pain medication suddenly felt no pain
  • a woman unable to get off a breathing ventilator, hours away from death with advanced pneumonia, made an “unexplainable” and rapid recovery
  • a large number of frightened terminally-ill patients calmed down
  • a recent amputee complaining of severe phantom pain found relief
  • patients with all types of cancer or heart conditions demonstrated vast improvement


'Thinking Blue' gives a person another way to feel included in their own care and in control of their situation. Regardless of where we are in our lives, we need assistance and additional support now and then.

Allow me to help you unlock what's already inside as you achieve your own vision.

Whether you’re a non-profit organization or private client, my diverse background qualifies me to become your catalyst coach, consultant or clergy. I'll be there to support you as you pave new paths, resolve chaos or conflict, and claim your emerging excellence!