Debbie Taylor, Founder of Blue Acorn

By blending nearly 40 years of professional work as a counselor, hospital and hospice chaplain, healer, teacher, entrepreneur, non-profit board trainer, and church minister, along with my studies and certifications, I am enthusiastic about how I can support you in your life!

Having emerged from my own physical and spiritual trials a few years ago, I rediscovered a path, a passion, for using my spiritual gifts, the lessons from powerful life experiences and years of invaluable spiritual training to enrich and help those who seek a steady hand.

With my counseling background, I offer unique and effective tools for integrating the Mind, Body and Spirit to nurture wholeness. I've introduced these unique tools in hospitals, schools, hospices, symposiums, and with hundreds of patients/individuals. I've been fortunate enough to receive the Random Acts of Kindness Award, as well as leadership honors/recognition throughout the greater Kansas City area. Vast life experiences and diverse education have served me well as innovative business owner, intuitive healer, behavioral specialist, professional chaplain, and successful Senior Minister of a Unity church in Beaverton, Oregon.

My continuing mission is to create a powerful place of safety, creativity, and possibility in the hopes of embracing graceful and radical change!