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We’ve all sat through enough workshops or classes to know how important humor, stories and active participation are when learning. With that in mind, I’ve created workshops geared for children, teens and/or adults — ages 8 to 80!

Workshops, which can be presented for 2 hours, half or all-day workshops, include:

  • Dialoguing With Monkey Chatter: The Committee Inside Your Head

All of us struggle with quieting our mind. Usually we think we must ignore the dialogue our ‘monkey mind’ plays on us in order to find peace. What if that’s not the only answer? Your monkey mind may be trying to teach you something! Experience a completely new language for addressing the “monkey chatter” inside of you. Learn new reasons to decide what to pay attention to and when. Your monkey chatter really does matter…because it can carry you deeper into discovering who you truly are!

  • Honoring Sacred Space

Creating a place that soothes and supports emotional, spiritual and physical health is essential. Learn how to design this space with your own fingerprint!

  • What’s My Resistance to Journaling?

So many people benefit from this easy technique; learn how to overcome numerous reasons, get to the underlying cause and ways to slowly begin…the benefits are astounding!

  • Tools for Managing Stress (children or adult level)

Unfortunately kids and adults are feeling more and more stress everyday, with less and less healthy outlets. Learn and experience a variety of ways to help yourself cope by gathering creative internal “tools.”  This class varies depending on age and has been developed for children, teens and adults.

  • Life As Prayer—Levels I, II

“Am I doing it correctly? How do I know it works?” It’s weird to admit, but people struggle with prayer. By confronting our myths, doubts, or fears, we create a more positive opportunity to embrace prayer, silence and meditation. In Life of Prayer I, honest conversations, acquiring new steps and greater clarity happens when we release old perceptions and beliefs. Instead, we make room for what is true for us. In Life of Prayer II, different kinds of prayer are studied, then practiced. By building greater insights, we deepen our connections to self and Spirit.


The workshops to the left are available for scheduling within your church or organization, and requests for custom-taylored workshops are always welcome!


"The workshop was almost over and I didn't want it to end. I laughed, cried, shared and experienced a lot. Usually I sit in the back skeptically–not this time!"

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