Spiritual Mentoring

Leaders are not born; they develop excellent skills throughout a lifetime of practice. Spiritual Mentoring is an intentional relationship in which one person is empowered by another toward the purposes of Spirit. Through such a connection the mentee gains increased personal and professional self-confidence, expansive insights and deepening passions about their own life -- many of the qualities of a leader.

In the beginning stages of a mentoring relationship, simple conversations start laying healthy foundations, but for a worthwhile mentoring bond to grow, conversations must go deeper (e.g., visions conveyed, fears to be shared, stories and jokes to be told, passions portrayed and goals stated).

Did you know?
My approach is based on experience which includes everything from being a senior minister to counseling work to hospital chaplaincy. Click here for more information

Ministries (or religious institutions) utilizing mentoring principles are considered progressive advocates as this concept calls for advanced standards of leadership and spiritual formation. And, if done correctly, not only the mentee and mentor benefit by becoming stronger leaders, but the entire organization as a whole!

Listen to your intuition. It will positively guide you forward to help you select the perfect mentor for you. Purposefully spending time with a person you respect, enjoy and trust will prove to be powerful “witness” for your spiritual and emotional health!

"Having Rev. Debbie as my spiritual mentor for 15 mos. has taken me to depths in my spiritual life I didn’t know existed. With gentle encouragement, occasional prodding, but mostly gracious compassion, she walked beside me on a journey to a deeper level of spiritual understanding of friends and family, and how to better serve my community. I am forever grateful."
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Benefits for Creating a Spiritual Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Someone who believes in you

Every one of us needs and deserves affirmation, especially when distractions, lack of direction, too many choices or imperfection is present. Mentors often become your greatest champion.

Someone who provides a role model

Since a mentor has faced their own hang-ups, demons,’ questions, and life journey, they can effectively support you when you can’t always see it for yourself.

Someone to advocate your spiritual growth

By achieving (and maintaining) mental, physical, and spiritual balance, a mentor sets the groundwork for you to do the same.

Someone who listens and provides trusted counsel

Given the depth of knowledge and work by your mentor, they can offer objective input, as well as ask tough questions, to assist you in reaching your personal and spiritual goals.

Someone who operates as an ‘accountability coach’

Having a mentor who sees your potential and skills can call you to a higher level of accountability, thereby inviting you to become more dependable, integrity-based, and extraordinary within yourself.