Packages, Costs, Options

For couples wishing to have a wedding, renewal of vows, themed-wedding, LGBTQ ceremony, or a get-away destination wedding, I offer a variety of options that may work for you.

Simply select a basic package, then feel free to add whatever "À la Carte" services you wish to complete your event. The first two packages offer intimate settings for elopements or very small wedding parties. The third package is one which couples choose most frequently, often opting to add extra services. The final package encapsulates everything available.

Please keep in mind that because I am a licensed and ordained minister, I am able to officiate intrastate and interstate ceremonies. I am comfortable working with pets or elaborate wedding parties, not to mention accompanying clergy from different faiths. As I consider myself more 'spiritual than religious,' I have conducted a range of ceremony types, from traditional, more religious to secular, more civil unions. I’ve conducted weddings held in stone chapels in the Alabama foothills; botanical gardens at sunset; city parks; Catholic cathedrals (with a priest), or next to a family pool serenaded by bagpipes. Whatever is meaningful to you. It’s important to me that I remain flexible and excited to hear about your ideas!



'Right at Home' Setting


Why go to a sterile courtroom or office environment, when you could find yourselves standing beside a fireplace, situated in a comfortable ‘great room,’ or peering out glass doors onto an exquisite yard? Your hearts will feel right at home as a ceremony is performed for you and your witnesses.* No consultation or premarital counseling is required. Ample parking with full wheelchair accessibility. Create fond memories by choosing this nurturing place instead...

'Incredibly Romantic' Setting


Recognized for being a surprising romantic venue, find yourselves saying “I do” under an ivy-covered archway, quaint Tiki Hut, or beneath a covered deck bathed in twinkling lights. No matter what time of year, an outdoor ceremony can be performed for you, your witnesses and a few guests.* No consultation or premarital counseling is required. Ample parking with full wheelchair accessibility. Surround yourself by feeling enveloped in plush privacy and the beauty of nature.

*Special Note: Should you desire to invite a few more guests to join you during your elopement or small party celebration, please contact me in advance regarding space availability. You are entirely welcome to bring champagne or a preferred beverage to toast to your new beginnings.

'Simply Elegant'



This is the most preferred package chosen by couples for creating your perfect day. A 'Simply Elegant' package includes a 60-75 minute consultation to discover what special features and ideas are important to you both (see ACM 3 below). After our meeting, I will work very hard on your behalf to gather all the information, create, then conduct your one-of-a-kind ceremony. Couples generally underestimate all the dynamics of this important day which is why you can rest knowing you are in capable hands. Should you desire to add other services, you are welcome to visit the "À la Carte" Menu as you choose. Permit me to stand beside you as the professional and warm minister you always hoped for…

'We Want It All!'



Immediately start your lives off by reinforcing the solid foundations you want with each other. Place greater attention on healthy communication patterns; short and long-term needs/expectations, and applying smart strategies implicit for a long and happy marriage. This package includes the entire "À la Carte" Menu (ACM 1-5) consisting of: a ‘how well do we know each other?’ worksheet; one wellness session; one extended 'event planning’ meeting (up to 90 min); constructing, writing, and officiating your wedding ceremony; a wedding rehearsal; a nice copy of your ceremony, as well as a 10-mile credit to apply towards your final mileage total (includes roundtrip rehearsal and wedding day). This deluxe package provides you a $150 savings in order to have the most comprehensive package meant for you!

Special "À la Carte" Menu

Each item below can be mixed and matched to enhance the above packages. Remember the "We Want It All!" Deluxe package has everything already figured into with great savings. Should you desire more information or have questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Your choices, along with appropriate feedback from me, can help you operate within your ceremonial budget.

Relationship Worksheet

(ACM 1)


This detailed worksheet explores various topics to see how well you know your partner. Hopefully, a relationship worksheet encourages you to think about things you might not have otherwise considered on your own. This extensive list of questions can be answered at your own pace although helpful before meeting for a Wellness Session.

A Couple's Wellness Session

(ACM 2)

$125 per session per couple for 60-75 minutes
(For 2 or more sessions, the rate drops to $115 per session)

A Wellness Session explores the intricacies and behavioral patterns specific to the two of you. Often, relationships get neglected amidst the busyness of upcoming plans, blended families, second marriages, or archaic communication habits. As individuals, and then as a couple, we develop ways to interact and avoid. We will discuss your approach to conflict and any ways you resolve it; relationship roles/stereotypes; family of origin imprinting, and more. Every couple, regardless of their age, can benefit from such a session in order to promote and sustain a healthy relationship. Should you desire to work on something specifically, we can certainly do that too.

An Event Planning Meeting

(ACM 3)

No charge for 60 minutes

An Event Planning Meeting to "custom-Taylor" your ceremony assists us both with 'intention setting' of your ceremony. I will suggest different ideas, readings, vows, rituals or tradition only to help you. Essentially, we create the framework together needed to set the rest of your event in motion. Couples typically leave my office breathing a sigh of relief, as they better understand what next steps will happen! Many of my ideas are original to support the uniqueness of your event. (This meeting is not necessary for elopement packages.)

A Wedding Rehearsal

(ACM 4)


A wedding rehearsal ensures that not only do you and your sweetie feel ready, but that your ushers, readers, musicians, family members and witnesses/bridal party are in their appropriate places when the ceremony begins. People feel much better when they know what is expected of them and where they are supposed to be. During our 60 minutes, we practice pace, placement and poise. It also sets the stage for fun and class’ to ensure a terrific event!

Your Personalized Copy of the Actual Ceremony

(ACM 5)


Shortly after your wedding day (within 1-4 weeks), I will make final changes to your written ceremony to reflect what actually occurred, then send you an attractive copy. This can serve as a powerful reminder for years to come! Should you wish to renew your vows in 10, 25, or 50 years... you'll have the ability to do so!

Financial Arrangements


$1.50 per mile

Travel to and from your ceremonial venue (and rehearsal) will be charged separately, as well as any other travel fees/expenses. Unless stated otherwise, the mileage fee includes my drive time and gas per mile. The final amount will be calculated as soon as possible and figured in the total expenses. When a couple purchases the deluxe package, a 10-mile credit ($15) will be deducted and issued

Secure Your Date


A non-refundable retainer is needed to lock in your wedding date and our time together. Then, monthly payments will be arranged. This helps to ease a couple's financial concerns about lump sum payments. The remainder of your balance is due in full one week before your event date. If you are booking a ceremony less than 30 days in advance, simply contact me for further arrangements.

Full Payment Due in Advance

I have found it is much easier for a couple not to worry about money during their big day. Not only is it one more thing to remember, but it can be awkward with people gathered all around. This allows you to totally focus on each other, greet your guests, and celebrate!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 10 days prior to the ceremony date require 100% of the agreed amount for your ceremony due immediately and payable in full. Cancellations 3 weeks prior to the ceremony date require 50% of the fee agreed upon for your ceremony due immediately and payable in full.


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