Minister Support

Far too often, ministerial self-care becomes compromised (or forgotten) by the constant demands of running a church. By the time it’s realized that additional help is needed, it can be too late. However, there are solutions when feeling burned out, saturated, or blue.

My passion for offering ministerial support sprang up from my own unidentified need and longing. As an exhausted Senior Minister, I would’ve benefitted greatly from a company like Blue Acorn—specifically trained to listen, challenge, and define better work boundaries for achieving balance in life. 

"Reverend Debbie Taylor's life experience enables her to assist others, especially in moments of transition. Debbie helped me feel total support in projects I was not sure I was capable of carrying off otherwise."

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Below, please find the 3 distinct categories which Blue Acorn offers to promote advanced ministerial/ministry health: Confidentiality, Calendar, and Continuity.


Do you feel ‘safe’ when you completely disclose things to your peers? When a minister (or leadership team) needs a highly confidential place to release doubts, frustrations, or immediate concerns, it can be risky! Over the years, hundreds of colleagues have learned that I am extremely trustworthy. And if I don’t have immediate answers, I’ll find them! It’s vitally important to have a place where clergy can ‘reach out’ for a connection. It’s also not my place to sit in judgment, only authentic support.


When the existing minister is not visibly present, their absence can be felt like a ripple. While taking time off (i.e., holiday, vacation or sabbatical), a Senior Minister should be able to leave behind any concerns about their ‘flock.’ Their focus should be on rest and self-renewal. The biggest void is generally seen from the pulpit on Sunday mornings, so securing quality guest speakers is critical! As a speaker/presenter I love to use humor, creativity and storytelling. I am available as a guest speaker on Sundays, in the hopes of maintaining stable attendance levels. [See Guest Speaking.]


Although admirable, a common mistake is made when a volunteer board believes they can totally manage the routine spiritual/business affairs of the church, while the minister takes time off. Continuity is essential, while often under-estimated. Daily responsibilities might include: attending meetings; creating dynamic worship; empowering staff, board or volunteers; offering pastoral/outreach services; promoting small group ministries, writing articles/reports, while constantly ‘taking a pulse’ on the collective consciousness of the organization. My training equips me to temporarily assist churches in these areas and more.

Did you know?
If you're looking for a greater level of support, Blue Acorn also offers board wellness retreats. Click here for more information


My hourly rates are extremely competitive for long-distance or face-to-face meetings. Mediation is also possible at a slightly higher cost as it involves more people. Having a non-judgmental, professional peer to talk to is invaluable for improved self-care!

Remember: that which affects the health of the minister also affects the congregation. Asking for help is the first step. Utilize the convenience of Blue Acorn now!