When a person dear to us dies, it’s a time to reflect about what they brought to us versus what we’ve lost.


The minister plays a pivotal role in determining how a memorial service goes, whether smooth, insensitive, or touching.

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Financial conversations during end-of-life events may feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, but are long overdue.

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"It was not a "typical" somber memorial, but rather a perfect blending of respect, honor, humor and heartfelt remembrances."
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Please forgive me for being so business-like when it comes to talking about your loved one. It’s strange to explain my reasons for not posting pricing information on my site, but know that it will help you with your planning.

Most funeral homes build in a quote to the family of $100 to handle the officiants’ fee. Sadly, that price generally tells clergy to use a ‘memorial template,’ which is read from a pre-packaged service, inserting the deceased person’s name and obituary, then they ‘take their leave.’ In many ways, this is just fine for the family and allows effective closure...and sometimes not.

Since no one else’s life is the same as another, I treat it as such.

Over the years, I've discovered how my ministerial style is quite unique to this particular industry. Since no one else’s life is the same as another, I treat it as such. This requires far more time on my part, while encouraging family and friends to reminisce, ultimately beginning the greater healing process.

Additionally, every family has specific requests, grief counseling needs, not to mention gathering extensive details/stories about their loved one--such as chronological events/accomplishments, personality attributes, family history, etc. I go to great lengths to represent the person accurately and thoroughly, which is why my fee starts at $325.00. Know that I invest 20-30 hours (on average) to learn, create and officiate a Celebration of Life worthy of your loved one. Travel expenses are not indicated, however this price does include the actual ceremonial time.

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Your time of transition can be much easier, as I can also be an End-of-Life Advocate for you or your loved one. Click here for more information

 this event should certainly be memorable. Allow me to share in this significant time with you. I AM HERE and I support you wholeheartedly!