Gardiner R.

An Unexpected Recovery

In 2005, my son fell 4 floors from his first apartment. I was called to the hospital in the middle of the night, only to arrive at the scene of every parent’s worst nightmare. The Neuro-surgical Intensive Care Unit became our home for more than three months. Life-threatening procedures became the normal order of those days in attempt to save my son’s life — death was closer than we knew.

One of my first calls was to Debbie. She stepped up to the plate without faltering and became the liaison beyond the ICU. She activated worldwide prayer around the clock and instigated cards from well-wishers, who “white knuckled” with us internationally. Debbie held an unrelenting vigil of hope and positivity 24/7.

More eloquently stated, there is no doubt in my mind that Debbie takes being the ‘Hands of God’ very seriously.

My son survived! He is alive, awake, alert, married and a proud father of two. I do not even want to imagine what that horrific experience would have been like without Debbie. She is an Angel. I see her stepping up, yet again to her highest and best.