How Do We Begin?

Because I am passionate about helping churches thrive, I have developed a sound financial strategy for you in order to hold your wellness retreat. This creative financing makes my services available to any size community willing to engage in spiritual tithing practices.

I have developed three different payment options that are intended to place minimal pressure on your church or your budget. Before ever deciding whether you can afford a wellness retreat, please contact me in order to discover specific details.

After electing to hold a Wellness retreat, I will send you a written agreement.  This agreement outlines my facilitation fees, lodging requests and other logistics.  It is appropriate to begin setting aside tithes to reinforce financial accountability and intention before and after your wellness board retreat.  (Depending on your churches tithing schedule and amounts each month, it can take up to 6 months to complete our financial agreement.)  I can better explain all this when we speak.

I suggest, if you are not already doing so, explore your own attitudes (and the collective board attitude) around your current 'giving practices.' If consciousness is restrictive in any way, the expectations and energy will simply reflect the same.  Ultimately, the benefits for your church are high.  Your financial risks are low.  This creative concept enables you to gain a forward, healthy momentum!

I anticipate 60-75 hours of planning, analysis, dialogues, facilitation, pre and post preparation.  You are not charged for this time. This time is gifted to you as a way to show my support and good faith. In this way, we are both committed.  It is my expectation that we will all work together for your spiritual family's advancement.

Should you desire to explore 'Wellness Retreats' further, please call me at your convenience.  I am delighted to answer your questions, share more details, or send additional materials.

Thank you for considering me for the opportunity to be your Wellness Retreat facilitator. Together we can insure greater board and ministerial wellness, and joyous spiritual growth!