Energy Practitioner

We humans are made up of energy and as we move through our lives, our individual energies ebb and flow, in a constantly shifting and moving world. Energy makes change possible. Energy is unlimited and boundless.  Energy exists inside of us, as well as all around us. It’s what allows us to thrive with a clear, continuous, balanced flow of life...or not.

Energy work is the knowledgeable and purposeful use, whether by one person or a group, to work with the energy field that surrounds and penetrates the human body for physical, psychological or spiritual healing, as well as growth of human consciousness. It can substantially improve our quality of life, and put us “back on track.”

We are all internalized and externalized energy. Whether one is certified in Reiki, Therapeutic or Healing Touch, as your healer I become a conduit for unconditional love and wholeness working on your behalf. 

The different services which I currently offer are


Subtle Energy Work

Therapeutic Touch


What to Expect in a Session & Fee?

I blend my communication skills, faith, and complementary modality trainings (e.g., therapeutic and healing touch practitioner, foot reflexology, and intuition), to better assist you. My healing work is not religion-based. Our session will involve gathering a brief history, having an initial discussion, administering the energy treatment, and then allowing you an integration period before you leave my office. Often, people comment that they feel incredibly relaxed, focused, or pain-free. Others may find themselves releasing emotions. As every person is unique, so is their response.

Our First Appointment

Our first appointment will last 2 hours in order for me to understand your needs. My fee is $75.00 an hour. As a highly skilled energy worker, I’ve had the opportunity to treat hundreds of people of all ages -- CEOs, paramedics, celebrities, terminally-ill patients, distracted teens, truck drivers, children, professionals, elderly, waiters, and infants. The effects and responses are generally immediate and powerful.

"Some years ago, I was in a great deal of pain and stress due to a chronic health challenge and Debbie offered her services in general uplifting treatment. I was so nurtured, relieved and improved at the end of our session, it is hard to believe I was the same woman coming out of her office that I had been going in."

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I’d like the opportunity to help you feel physically better, peaceful, more energized…more alive inside and out!