Rev. Taylor's Church Experience

My ministerial training began in a corporate-sized church over two decades ago as I volunteered  in every capacity possible at Unity of Overland Park (UCOP, Kansas). I enjoyed the opportunity to create/organize large fundraising events, women's retreats, and couples groups, as well as becoming a Sponsor for Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.). I discovered how things 'could be.' Right after ministerial school, I was hired at UCOP as Coordinator of Adult Education. It was wonderful to develop an extensive Adult Education department, teach and coordinate new classes, instigate new programs, as well as deal with nationally-recognized speakers/teachers.

Eighteen months later I said "Yes!" and found myself on the way to Portland, Oregon to become Senior Minister at Unity of Beaverton.

At Unity of Beaverton (UoB), we experienced a steady growth rate of 120% annually! This meant that our collective consciousness had to position itself for rapid, substantial and successful change.  Curriculum, procedures and organizational infrastructure had to be strengthened.  With proper visioning, town hall discussions, and consensus-driven philosophies, UoB went from struggling to pay bills to putting money in the bank! It required extremely difficult decision-making and compassionate implementation.

By practicing consistent spiritual principles and disciplines, Sunday morning services grew from 45 to 220 people. Small group ministries were formed and fed. The UoB buildings were repaired after 13 years, including two roofs fully paid for within 3 years, as well as a new interchangeable and lighted church sign, paid for in eight months. Incredible musical programs were introduced and extremely well-received! A pledging campaign exceeded our expectations.  This community was thrilled to support a strong youth program (nursery through high school levels), as it grew from 0 to 60 kids.  Quickly this eager pastoral-sized community was transitioning into a program-sized community. Unity of Beaverton was also recognized for leading the way in environmental certification, becoming policy trailblazers in the Unity movement, while initiating a food bank and several other successful outreach projects recognized within the metro areas.

"Debbie has repeatedly shown her outstanding qualities for ministry, as well as exhibiting her highly professional aptitude as a minister! She has been a delight to observe as she has grown a congregation in volume, service, giving, and spiritual consciousness. Whatever Debbie puts her mind, heart and hand to she does with prayerful intention, ease and joy."

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