Kahlil Gibran said it brilliantly as he wrote, “…and a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, speak to us of children: and he said, your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself…”

In Unity, we believe that human beings are born as an original blessing, not from original sin. As God (or Spirit) is infinite, absolute, and unchanging, we affirm there can be no separation. We recognize God’s loving presence in every single person—regardless of their freewill actions or choice. Thus, unconditional Love is our inherent birthright. Through a christening (or baptismal) ceremony, this birthright is blessed in the child, reinforcing them to be an expression of Love in his/her lifetime.

"When our twins were born they were premature, but our daughter was particularly small. We were very concerned. Debbie felt her strength long before we did, and encouraged us to nurture it. When it was time, Rev. Debbie baptized them in an intimate setting and memorable ceremony. We will never forget it!"
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During a Unity christening ceremony,

parents bring their baby or child before a Unity minister. Formal recognition is acknowledged as drops of water are poured gently onto the child’s head and a rose is given. Parents and godparents vow their intention to be a positive influence in the child’s life. A certificate is signed by the Unity minister serving as a sentimental reminder, while also considered a formal document.

When I officiate a child’s christening,

I meet with the parents to learn about their expectations and understanding for their child’s ceremony. Then, I create and perform the ceremony amidst a sacred setting (e.g., outside, in the home, church, etc.). As I am an independent officiate my fee is $150, as well as a nominal roundtrip mileage charge. Anointing a baby or child in a christening ceremony is an outward ritual acknowledging an inward trust.


I would be most honored to conduct this powerful ceremony for your child and family.