Welcome to Blue Acorn!

It’s finally happened! For the past 3+ years, I have looked forward to this moment. I have learned that it takes so much more than I ever thought to launch such a unique business and comprehensive website. It’s been intense!

As this is my first blog, it feels important to share 3 monumental thank you’s as Blue Acorn finally kicks off…

When I first came up with the idea of Blue Acorn, it was such a huge concept requiring pruning, fertilizing, weeding and mulching in order to harvest a viable product. I couldn’t have progressed without my first webmaster and friend, Rick West (www.westboundtracks.com). He stood by me as I “wandered in the wilderness” deciding what services I wanted to develop, and how I wanted to get there—repeatedly through trial and error. Rick’s favorite phrase, “…it’s like chasing mercury in a sea of ball bearings!” He gave me tireless encouragement, time and effort, not to mention very reasonable rates! If you want a hard-working, witty, loyal webmaster, I highly recommend him. Thank you Rick!

Next, I am extremely grateful to my middle son Alex who has scribbled ideas, strategies, charts, phrases, and artwork onto countless sheets of paper. I’ll never forget, upon introducing my multiple interests for Blue Acorn, Alex was right there—asking probing questions, gently coaxing, and offering clever direction (when asked for). I’ve kept every diagram and brainstorming logo, Alex, so I can look back and gratefully remember.

Then, about a year ago, I approached Alex again, in the hopes of helping me go to the next conceptual level. He listened, paused, researched, paused again—then agreed! Today, because of his determination, honesty, incredible skillset and love, Alex has become my new web designer. Already he has pushed me to think ‘outside the box’—which is exactly what I do with my Blue Acorn clients. Thank you, Alex, for seeing what is precious to my heart—empowering oneself, while embracing a commitment to thrive!

Last, but certainly never least, thank you to my patient partner, confidente, constant cheerleader, and best friend, Tom. Countless hours have been invested as together we’ve imagined, invested, edited, celebrated, driven, laughed and cried, as we’ve built upon this passionate dream. And honey, “we ain’t done yet!" Having a 35-year spouse gives Tom special rights to speak the toughest truths or shoot the “highest 5’s” (and hugs). I feel so fortunate to share my life and journey with this amazingly positive man. Thank you, thank you, Tom!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share how I’ve had dear friends, colleagues and family members near and far--listening, challenging, and supporting me every step of the way. You rock!

And for you whose currently reading this blog, welcome to my new company! I invite you to align with me intentionally trusting that great things do happen when we are willing to claim it! Blessings!